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We are the advocates for those with sidetracked dreams, with struggles taking precedence over the fabricated lifestyles implemented into our minds by the bright lights and gold chains of rappers and movie stars. For those unable to loosen the reigns of passion unpursued, this platform is for you.

We bring to the stage our small town heroes who often times more than none have more talent and persona in their left nut than any face you’d see on tv. Weathered by the hardships of life, and born out of ambition despite our shit hole of an economy, we present to you cultivated minds to pick apart in finding your own inspiration.

We are your average joe, 9-5 worker, jumping over all of life’s hurdles slowing us down from getting us to where we want to be. But we’ve devoted all of our free time to group up, support each other and fight back the status quo. To say fuck you society, fuck your brands, fuck your main stream music and tv shows, we wont be brainwashed to slave your fortune.

This is your playground. Find your inspiration. Find your own piece of FAME.